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Developing A Relationship With The Ancestors

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020

In this 1 hour video we will explore how we as human beings alive today can be a vessel for the healing of the relationship to the ancestors and the effects this can have both now and into the future. Being alive holds the gift and responsibility for both the past and the future.


Where did I start to understand the value of the ancestral connection?

My greatest teacher of ancestral connection was Godfrey’s fathers Ellis Chipps.

  • Story of meeting Godfrey – after father died.
  • Starting to help in ceremony – passing out the food.
  • Witnessing the spirit plate.
  • Asking about what this is about. Why do we feed the dead?
  • Later, after moving to South Dakota, taking the spirit plate up to the graves site.
  • Having dreams of the ancestors I’ve never met: healing and helping me.
  • What my relationship to my ancestors – can they be part of my life?
  • Feeling into my powerfully connected ancestors – helpers and healers, leaders, and lawyers, craftspeople and artist.
  • The teachings of the Woputra lineage opening the door to our own ancestral connection.


“You have to pray for your ancestors, if you don’t who will?”

  • How do we pray for the ancestors?
  • What are the spiritual laws that guide this?
  • What is our responsibility to do this?
  • What is it to travel to your ancestral lands to make the connection to where they are buried?
  • How does this effect our living relatives?
  • How will this effect the future generations?

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