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Danger on the Path to Visionary Leadership

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2019

The path of the Visionary Leaders is one that is challenging for even the most courageous to walk. There are pitfalls and obstacles that will distract, hamper the journey, and even knock leaders off the path.

Visionary Leadership is not well understood by modern society. Modern society doesn't provide teachings to the average person on how to be a Visionary Leader. Modern leadership is often presented and taught as a hierarchy of power over people. This type of leadership is disconnective and produces poor results over time. Visionary Leadership is focused on systemic interconnectedness and helping that which supports life now and into the future.

A Visionary Leader doesn't typically actualize by accident. Visionary Leaders are created through teachings and initiations which open a person to a more creative way of being in the world. There is a systematic process for the development of Visionary Leaders. Many of the ancient cultures understood this system of development which ensured there were healthy leaders who would protect the well-being of their tribes and villages.

Helpers Mentoring Society is a revivification of this ancient path towards Visionary Leadership - presented with modern technology. We offer these teaching and initiations to help those who are called to the path of the Visionary Leader - what we call a Helper. 

In the upcoming book: Thriving in Uncertain Times, How to Find Well-Being Now and into the Future I write about many of the pitfalls of first stepping onto the path towards Visionay Leadership. I would like to share an exerpt from the book with you here: 

How can you heal and not kill yourself

As you can now understand,  well-being is about increasing connection to your inner and outer worlds and increasing your healthy relationships. Be careful that your goal of increased connection doesn’t become another excuse to be a victim - or abuse anyone. The reason I write this, as evident as it initially may seem, is that over the many years of teaching and coaching people with these concepts I’ve witnessed various forms of victimization and self-abuse. When a person approaches the goal of increased connectivity in their life or helping others in this way, it can become an unstable fixation. People can enter the connection journey with such uncontrolled passion that it may lead to unhinge behavior.

The connection journey should not lead to the sacrifice of direct relationships with family and friends. If it does, can we really say that is a connection journey? This is why it is so important to gain a clear understanding of what is actual connection and what is disconnection. It’s not always as easy to discern as you might first think.

Join Helpers Mentoring Society to learn more. The book Thriving in Uncertain Times, How to Find Well-Being Now and into the Future is now availible for pre-sales. 



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