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Connecting to the Ancestors through Ceremony

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2022

A healthy connection to our ancestors is of great importance for our own spiritual development. In many indigenous society relationships to the ancestors was easy to achieve as it was a deeply imbedded part of the culture – knowing how essential this connection point is to ensuring health. In the modern context, a healthy ancestral relationship is almost a forgotten concept. Fortunately, there are many ways to develop connection to the ancestors and bring it into a healthy alignment. In the Northern Hemisphere we are approaching the season where the veils are thinnest between the currently living and the ancestors. The fall season is the best time to connect and heal the relationships we hold with our ancestors. The importance of healing this relationship cannot be overstated. A healed relationship to the ancestors opens the possibility of a healthier future. Watch the video to learn about the rituals and ceremonies that connect to our ancestors so we can heal the disconnection between us and them. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle.


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