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Choosing Life and Healing: Ancestral Wisdom - Webinar recording

Uncategorized May 20, 2020

Have you struggled with embracing life fully, connecting to the natural world, or loving your fellow human beings? 

These are common experiences in this modern age. Feelings of separation, anger, isolation, rejection, neglect, lack of belonging and fear are modern expression of wounds and unhealed traumas of our ancestors and our own experiences. Through the wisdoms of the healing lineages we have come to understand that modern people need to simultaneously heal both individually and the ancestors to create lasting positive change.  

Finding the means to heal in a way the affects real change for myself, my family, humanity and the natural world has been a passion of mine since a young man. I've explored lineages of healing and worked with incredible indigenous medicine for the majority of my life. Through this experience I've found healing, profound connection to the ancestors and an understanding of life that helps me to commit to life. 

Here's exactly what is spoken about in this video blog:

  • Lineages of Ancestral Wisdom 
  • What is the Commitment to Life
  • Defining Healing
  • Healing the Ancestral Line to Heal the Present

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