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Bison Project Update Winter 2021

Uncategorized Jan 15, 2021

Helpers Mentoring Society's Bison Project continues to be developed over the winter. At this time, the project is focused on supporting the small herd to thrive through the long cold season. The video above shows pictures and footage from a trail cam placed in the bison pasture. The bison (and other wildlife) grazes on about 20 acres of grass and wood areas at this time. This is enough land to support our small herd, with hay supplementation. Our future plans include fund raising to purchase/lease more acreage to grow the size of the herd - and public accessibility. 

Many people around the world travel to South Dakota to connect to this incredible landscape and the creatures of this ecosystem. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota, many seeking to witness and bond with the bison. Unfortunately, each year people approach wild bison and cross into this powerful animal's personal space - often leading to severe injuries. One of the Bison Project's goals is to give people the opportunity to respectfully and safely connect to the bison - and really feel the magic of this incredible animal. 

We are also developing plans to work closer with the youth of local Native American tribes and organizations. Historically, the bison provided for almost all the needs of the indigenous people's of this land. The picture below from South Dakota State Historical Society offers a bit more information about what bison provided. As part of the Bison Project we can recreate these items and the teachings of how to live close to the land and animals.

Many aspects of the Bison Project will depend on funding from people called to support this endeavor. We can accept financial support now through our donation link located on Helpers  Mentoring Society homepage (1/2 way down the page). In the future we will be announcing specific aspects of the project that will need public support to launch and grow into the future. 



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