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Bison People Land Winter Update - Deep Cold and Snow!

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2023


The winter season has been long and severe this year in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Temperatures have dipped well below freezing many days, including one night which went to -50 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 degrees Celsius).



As challenging as us humans tend to find those periods of deep cold, the bison seem to enjoy the cold weather.  They do need plenty of good grass to eat to sustain their energy requirements – which means we can often find them close to the hay, munching away.



This year, due to the many contributions to the Bison People Land project, we secured plenty of hay to keep the bison well feed during the winter. Our small herd can go through about 1000 pounds of hay in about a week.



As much as the bison enjoy the cold weather, I’m sure they are looking forward to the fresh spring grasses and the warmer days that will be coming in later April and May.


To learn more about the Bison People Land project please visit the link here:

Bison People Land


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