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Bison People Land (The Bison Project) Fall Update

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2022


The Bison People Land (formally the Bison Project) is taking the next steps in manifesting its Vision and Mission. We are now an official Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) which allows us to have employees, a bank account, and more. We are developing the organization to provide nature connection and education opportunities both in-person and online. We will eventually be offering education opportunities on everything from basic survival skills to ecological restoration by working with cornerstone animals like the bison. We even will have classes on food preservation, such as canning.



Our 3 bison are doing well and growing bigger. The two females are now 3 years old, and our bull is 2. They are maturing into their bigger stature. We are excited and hopeful for the possibility of the females being pregnant and new calves joining the herd next spring! The signs of pregnancy are there, but there is a still a long way to go until a calf is born.



As winter is coming on with shorter days and colder nights the bison are quickly growing their heavy winter coat. The hair not only lengthens but it also grows denser. I recently learned that bison wool has some incredibly unique properties. Bison defies the cold and harsh weather with ease due to its unique fibers. Bison fibers are hollow which saves large amounts of warmth. They can also absorb a large amount of moisture without feeling wet. These characteristics are much more pronounced in bison wool than in other known hollow fibers. The bison fibers have a larger diameter which allow for a larger cavity – and the fibers are still soft. Bison wool has the best know insulative properties!



This time of year, we support the energy it takes for our bison to put on their winter coat by providing supplement hay and their beloved “protein cattle cubes” (aka treats or bison cookies). Throughout the day our bison can be found visiting the hay bale feeder, taking long drinks of water, or lounging in the sun.



Thanks as always for the many contributions and donations which support this organization to develop. The bison and the land directly benefit from all the ways this project is support by you. Many of the visitors and Helpers Gathering attendees that came to the land benefitted from interacting directly with these amazing animals. Their medicine for the people is strong!

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