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Bison People Land Late Spring Update - The Balance of Life

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2023

After a long hard winter in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Spring life is returning in its fullness to the land. The grasses, flowers, and trees bring their energy, and more life is flourishing.

The migratory birds are returning and bringing the medicine of song to the hills, and it is good to hear the gentle noises of Spring as a counterpart to the quiet of the winter months.

With the land rich again with nutritious plants, the Bison are often up in the hills away from the property, with their needs being met by nature.

We were deeply saddened to discover that our Bison had had a calf, but it had died. We do not yet know what happened, but the Bison appeared to be mourning their loss, and we are very respectful of this process.

However, we are delighted to announce that a second, healthy calf was born in the last few days. Our small herd is doing really well, and Buck is very protective of the young one. The balance of life and death is very perceivable here in the Hills.

We are touched and profoundly grateful that our small herd is now plus one.

We hope those of you who are coming to the Helper's Gathering here in South Dakota in just a month or so get to spend a little time around these magnificent beings to feel the energy they bring to life and meet the newest arrival.

If you would like to support Bison People Land you can make a donation by following the link below.

Your support will go directly to the Bison Project to make the Vision of bison returning to the land a reality.

With gratitude for new life.

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