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Addressing the Modern Problems with Traditional Wisdom Webinar

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2020

Addressing the Modern Challenges with Traditional Wisdom


I am sure you are aware the balance of the environment that supports life is swiftly changing. You are a witness to the fires raging across Australia and the hail and dust storms that then follow. Or perhaps you are noticing birds singing their spring songs in mid-winter, or the blossoms of trees out of season.


Nature is revealing to us there are major changes in the biosphere. With these changes come untold challenges - including overwhelming stress! Human are just now collectively starting to experience and acknowledge the real and devastating effects of climate change.


So the question is, 'as individuals, what do we do about this?'


In this video we discuss these topics and more:

  • Prioritizing well-being to gain clarity 
  • Earth-based traditional wisdom as a road map
  • Nature Synchronicity as a guide
  • Developing enhanced spiritual communication 

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