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Ancient Practices for a Meaningful Life Podcast Recording

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2022

A healthy connection to our ancestors is of great importance for our own spiritual development. In more indigenous environments this connection was easy to achieve as it was a deeply imbedded part of the culture. In the modern context ancestry is an almost forgotten concept or the connection itself is not a healthy one. There are many ways to develop the connection to the ancestors and bring it into a healthy alignment, but the most potent way is through Ceremony. In the Northern Hemisphere we are approaching the season where the veils are thin between us and the ancestors. It is the best time to connect and heal the relationships we hold with them for life to move forward in health. Join us to learn about the ceremonies that connect to our ancestors so we can heal the disconnection between us and them. Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle


Although many Earth-based communities have faced genocide, extermination, and reduction practices, some survivors have been able to hold onto enough indigenous wisdom so that it can still be passed on today.


We are currently living in post traumatic stress society. By learning from the cultural and ceremonial frameworks that are still in place within the remaining indigenous communities, we can learn to repair and move forward by living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.


As Modern People we face three main problems:


1) Disconnection from nature 


2) Disconnection from ourselves 


3) Disconnection from each other


In this episode we discuss the four parts of a human that need to be integrated for deep connection and wholeness and how we can begin cultural repair and renewal.


Tying together Sal’s 30 years with the Lakota Sioux people and his and Becca’s combined learning from indigenous cultures across the globe, this is a conversation of inspiration and hope for a better future.


Becca is Spiritual Life Coach who supports clients through their spiritual awakening and knowing themselves more deeply. She helps purpose-driven people break free from being stuck, step into their natural gifts, & live a life true to their core. Reach Becca online at or connect with her via social media on instagram: @beccaspeertcoaching or Facebook: Becca Speert Coaching. To follow the podcast you can *subscribe* to get notified when a new  episode is released, every Monday. You can also follow and support the  podcast on Instagram @_rooted_souls and Facebook: Rooted Souls Podcast.


Salvatore has 30 years of mentoring and delivery of nature-based therapies and wellness practices. He has expert knowledge and experience in both ancient indigenous and modern therapies. His focus is on techniques which increase well-being for individuals, families, and communities. He has created a codified therapeutic method drawn from experiences and knowledge. Salvatore has designed and taught over sixteen courses based on this methodology and has presented these courses and seminars in 12 countries, to over 27 different cultures. Sal is the founder and current director of Helpers Mentoring Society, an international organization dedicated to supporting the revitalization of humanity’s relationship with hope and purpose, so that all life thrives. 


Helpers Journey intro course starts at end of January 2023 already taking registration. 


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