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Helpers Mentoring Society - A Social Enterprise

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2023

Each year Helpers Mentoring Society looks for opportunities to give to the Indigenous communities from which many of our teachings are sourced. This sharing of material abundance is part of the spiritual agreement between Helpers Mentoring Society’s founder Salvatore Gencarelle and the ancestors who have shared these teachings.  


Besides the ongoing support to the decedents of Salvatore's teacher, we also annually sponsor a 'giveaway' event, in which material items and food is distributed to the Indigenous community. In the past month this has been through the sponsorship of the wake, funeral, and giveaway for the passing of a young native infant who died from SIDS in the town of Wanblee, South Dakota. 


We also host the annual Language of the Land Camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota for Indigenous children and families to connect to the natural world, learn bushcraft and survival skills, nature sensory development, and to have a fun time in nature. The Language of the Land Camp is 100% free to all native participants.



Helpers Mentoring Society has also dedicated resources to developing Bison People Land (The Bison Project) with local Indigenous people to create a regenerative system to support ecological restoration, sustainable food production, cultural repair, and nature connection for people. The return of the bison to this region = healing and the return of connective culture. 



Events and projects like these, which give back to the descendants of the ancestral lineage are part of the Vision which allows the teachings of HMS to occur. The students and the staff of HMS have my gratitude and respect for ensuring that the material and resource abundance we have is shared back to the Indigenous peoples. 


Helpers Mentoring Society

Helpers Mentoring Society is a social enterprise which delivers educational programs internationally to teach the cultural practices of Indigenous peoples.  These practices promote systemic thinking and practice as a way of bringing us back into balance with each other and with nature.  They are pathways to deep nature connection, community building, and positive mental health.  A share of profits from Helpers Mentoring Society is fed back into the First Nations and other Indigenous communities from which these teachings are sourced.   




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