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Discover solutions to modern problems through traditional cultural practices
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Connection principles in action.

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Become a human being in deep relationship with self, nature, others, and the spirit of life. Come into your creative potential in service to the Vision of Life.


Come together with a community of connected individuals working for a bright future in the spirit of unity.


Experience the ancient techniques of transforming out of stuck patterns and limiting stories. Return to the spirit of movement.

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"I'm profoundly grateful that Sal mentors participants in connective practices deeply rooted in authentic tradition into our own circumstances wherever we are.   "

Nancy Hardy
Cosmological Activist

"I now see myself, people and nature as interconnected energies that can change and grow . . .everything in the world seems more real and alive to me."

Nature Connection Mentor

"Sal facilitates a powerful healing pathway with integrity and depth. If you engage fully with this journey your life will transform."

Josh Lane
Master Mentor and Connection Facilitator

"Helpers Mentoring Journey utilizes authentic traditional wisdom to empower our ability to live into our truest expressions of who we are and who we came to be. This work is powerful and is what the world needs now in these times of great change. It’s not just a class but an introduction to spirituality as a Way of Life."


Get back in touch with the natural world and learn to apply lessons from ancient cultures to our modern lives

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We strive to offer more than just courses. We offer worktrade programs, cultural education, and scholarships for many of our eligible members. Your donation helps us continue these programs and spread our message.

We teach advanced connection practices to create healthier people and a better world.

We can learn all we need from the natural world

In this eCourse series, we explore the lessons we draw from the four elements. You will find a personal relationship with the spirit of connection, how the Ropes of Connection are developed, and why this fulfills our deepest longings. Come into a new relationship with the power of your nature and creativity. Learn about connected culture.

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We provide immersion into time-tested techniques which develop stronger empathic relationships to all forms of life.

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Experience authentic Rites of Passage and the Advanced Connection Practices. Learn how to honor the transformational journey of life. And learn to facilitate this for others.

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We offer a variety of events, e-course, workshops, facilitator training, personal distant mentoring and customized programs. We also have products including books, CDs, DVDs, and clothing. Visit the links below to learn more about what we offer.

Events, Workshops, Facilitator Training

Helpers Mentoring Society  provides practices that promote systemic thinking and techniques which support community building and positive mental health. We teach ways to address that which is limiting inspired Vision. We provide immersion into transformational experiences which expedites leadership.

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Distance Mentoring

We currently provide distant consultation via personal calls and teleconferences. Remotely we offer individual and organizational assessment and provide customized actions. We also offer services via webinars and other online platforms.

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Helpers Mentoring Society offers unique written and recorded material to support our teachings. We also have brand product line. Click below and you will be redirected to our physical product fulfillment website: Man Among the Helpers

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