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Helpers Mentoring Society is a social enterprise which delivers educational programs internationally to teach the cultural practices of indigenous peoples. These practices promote systemic thinking as a way of bringing us back into balance with ourselves, other people, and nature. We teach pathways to deep nature connection, community building and positive mental/emotional/spiritual/physical health.

We assist people to become Visionary Leaders - what we call Helpers.

The Helper's Resolution

I am a Helper

I have hope for the future of humanity

I am dedicated to being a vehicle for changeĀ 

I have certainty in my ability to effect changeĀ 

I am in the flow of the Vision of Life

I have love in my heart for humanity

I am striving for excellence in living fully

I grow everyday to be the best possible Helper

I purpose my perceptions towards the great healing of humanity

I am committed to helping others to live fully


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A pathway to becoming a Helper of Life.

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Our Mission and the 3 Pathways of Learning

Helpers Mentoring Society is devoted to bridging modern society with the more profound indigenous wisdom that resides within each of us. Our passion is to help human beings to become fully activated and to pass these teachings and techniques on to new Visionary Leaders. We offer 3 pathways of learning. A share of profits from Helpers Mentoring Society is fed back into the First Nations and other indigenous communities from which these teachings are sourced. Additionally, the educational programs themselves are offered pro bono to the members of those communities, which are among the poorest in the US.

1. Personal Spiritual Development


Come to your creative potential. Become a better human being in deep relationship with self, nature, others, and the spirit of life. We offer nature based spiritual teachings and experiences through personal mentoring, events, courses and products to help people step into their gifts and find Vision and purpose. 

2. Advanced Connection Leadership Training

After entering the Helpers Journey and the Commitment to Life, learn advanced healing and connection teachings and techniques. Become a Helper of Life with a community of connected individuals working for a bright future in the spirit of unity.

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3. Lineage Initiation

Immerse yourself into the ancient mystical practices which have educated and sustained humanity from the beginning of time. Being initiated into ancient wisdom will change your life and the future of our planet for the better.


"I'm profoundly grateful that Sal mentors participants in connective practices deeply rooted in authentic tradition into our own circumstances wherever we are. Ā Ā "

Nancy Hardy
Cosmological Activist

"I now see myself, people and nature as interconnected energies that can change and grow . . .everything in the world seems more real and alive to me."

Nature Connection Mentor

"Sal facilitates a powerful healing pathway with integrity and depth. If you engage fully with this journey your life will transform."

Josh Lane
Master Mentor and Connection Facilitator

"Helpers Mentoring Journey utilizes authentic traditional wisdom to empower our ability to live into our truest expressions of who we are and who we came to be. This work is powerful and is what the world needs now in these times of great change. Itā€™s not just a class but an introduction to spirituality as a Way of Life."


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