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Virtual (Online) Connection Gathering

November 13-15, 2020 Come and join a multi-day online event held by HMS. 

$250.00 USD

(Payment plans also available. See options)

Guest presenters will provide expert teachings on healing and wellness, elder mentoring, the Lakota language and more! 

What you can look forward to at the gathering:

  • Multiple opportunities to go through transformational connective healing practices.
  • Powerful story-telling and sharing of earth-based wisdom traditions.
  • Support in transforming unhelpful patterns into healthy connective ways to support life into the future.
  • Supportive container.
  • A community of like-hearted people.

Location and Date:

  • On your computer Nov 13-15, 2020

A personal message from Helpers Mentoring Society founder Sal Gencarelle: 

In the past 9 years I've traveled to many communities and events around the world, sharing the wisdoms that have been passed down to me. In-person events have been a cornerstone of ensuring students of HMS could immerse in the teachings. Often, this has been the key for students to really touch upon the depth of these teachings - and to truly begin the process of transformation. This year, due to the response to Covid-19, in-person events have been almost impossible. But, we still need to gather and share in the practices that connect and create healing! 

Out of this need and with the technology we have available, the Virtual Gathering has been created. I've devised new ways to create personal ceremony and connection experiences that can be done individually by many people simultaneously. I'm excited by the opportunity for us to have 'personal-collective' ceremony and community time together! The plan that I have for us during the Virtual Gathering is awesome. You will learn new ways to bring ceremony into your life - and can even share this with others! 

I hope to see you at the gathering but for those who cannot attend live, all teachings will be recorded and shared. 

Health and Happiness, 

Sal Gencarelle 


The Online Connection Gathering is an opportunity to immerse in a unique, powerful and ancient body of knowledge. Learn about and connect to the creative powers of the unseen, the natural world and the destiny of humanity.


During this online gathering you will be shown how to access deep connection and communication with nature, your inner wisdom, the ancestors, future generations, the Powers of Creation and the Mystery. We will be holding exercises that will guide you along the way to a increased ability to communicate with all aspects of creation. 


Important information:

  • The online event will start at 2 pm PST on the 13th and ends at 5pm on the 15th. 
  • 13th:  2-4 PM PST. We will host 2 hours of getting to know each other, story-telling and sharing. 
  • 14th: We will begin to hold teachings from 10am - 12 noon PST. Have a lunch break. Continue together at 2pm - 5pm PST. 
  • 15th: We will come together at 10am - 12 noon PST. Break for lunch. Come back together at 2pm - 5 pm PST for a final wrap of the event. 

This is an opportunity to have an immersive experience into the transformational practices and learn through story-telling and sharing in a circle of like-minded people. 

These teachings are not just theoretical or philosophical - they have been tried and tested in the crucible of life and guided by real-life experience in modern times.

What you will come away with from the gathering:

  • Time tested ways to tap into your own unique creativity and spiritual purpose.
  • A deeper relationship with your ancestors.
  • A deeper relationship with the future generation.
  • Transformative teachings and techniques to help yourself and others. 
  • A worldview that places healthy relationship at the center of life.
  • New techniques of deep connection and personal ceremony 

 We will look forward to seeing you there.

All teachings will be recorded and shared after the live event! 


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