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Healing the Trauma of Our Ancestral Lines

Hosted by Salvatore Gencarelle

To be free from trauma and to live from this place of  connection and peace can shape the future of our world in very healthy ways. If we continue to carry the trauma from our ancestors then this is the legacy we hand to our children. The time to bring our ancestral lines into balance and health is 'now'. 

This can be achieved through some simple, profound ceremonies; through our love, our compassion and our longing for the health and happiness of our grandchildren that is free from the trauma of those who came before us.

If you are looking for: 

  • A deep healthy connection to your ancestors filled with gratitude and love
  • To wipe away any blockages that inhibit the full growth of the spirit
  • To be free from patterns of the past to make a brighter more connected future

Here is a little of what we will discuss on the webinar:

  •  An understanding of the importance and responsibility of living our lives in connection to our ancestors and the future generations.
  • Epigenetic's: The scientific understanding behind historic trauma.
  • Hope for the future: Traditional ways to wipe away the trauma we may unconsciously carry from our ancestral lineage.

  Join us to find out more about the ways we can cleanse and heal our ancestral lineages to promote not only our own spiritual well-being but to clear the way for those yet to come


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