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Finding Hope and Purpose in the New Year - The Helper's Journey

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2018


Happy New Year brothers and sisters!

    Helpers Mentoring Society is very happy to begin another year with you all, although we find that the past year has left us in particular need for spiritual healing and growth. However, this is not cause for despair! On the contrary I believe sometimes it’s the most difficult experiences that have the most potential to temper the strongest growth.

    2017 was not, by many standards, a calm and easygoing year. International tensions are flaring left and right. Many of you might see the same negative energy pervading your country, regions, communities, or even homes. It seems in so much turmoil, many people have lost sight of the true interconnectedness of this world – both the physical and the spiritual. So many of the changes going on around us quite literally result in life or death. The divide between love and interconnectivity or solitude and despair is becoming a further blurred and ever contested line. The political leaders we turn to for guidance increasingly deceive, manipulate, and harm those they are supposed to care for.

    How do we even begin to climb such a foreboding mountain? What good can we as individuals do against the disconnecting forces around us? We know as well as many of you that these are the questions which often defeat us, keep us down and drive us further from true answers. Hubris tells us we must defeat the problems we see in the world around us, but this moves us further from the real solution. The truth of these issues lies in understanding of ourselves, understanding of others, service, and love. When we draw from these teachings we are fully equipped to heal our communities, and the knowledge we require can be drawn from the natural world just outside if we know how to look.

    We have devoted ourselves to spreading our message to more people than ever before this year. In doing so, we in turn will strengthen and deepen our own spirit, and better understand the link between all humankind and the natural world. We're creating a great opportunity for people the world over to join in these teachings. Launching ourselves into this year with healing, love, and connection to guide us, we have great opportunity ahead of us this year to affect change within ourselves, our communities, and the world.

    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our most engaging and broad-reaching course to date: the Helpers Journey! In this course, you’ll find we’ve included all of our most valuable and productive techniques for you spanning a 7-month period to ensure you’re equipped with the inspiration, knowledge, and support you need to emerge a better developed individual on the other side. Check out more information here and be on the lookout for our upcoming webinar with more information!

    We will also offer other events and workshops available for experiencing these teachings. Our friends in the States can learn traditional outdoor skills and get an immersive experience in native culture with our Language of the Land event this summer. Our female friends in the UK can join us at the Journey into Womanhood, where we will examine what it takes to become a fully connected woman today and how we can draw from ancient teachings to come into ourselves. There are a host of other workshops and services available on our website, as well as merchandise and materials for you to take with you. Every contribution help us put together more events and reach more people, and we're so grateful for the support we've received from this community.

    Finally, we’re going to be unrolling a lot more content and interaction on our website and social media this year. Keep up with us on Facebook for updates and some exciting new content! If you haven’t already, visit our Youtube channel for some awesome free content with more to come. Our blog is now online so make sure you subscribe to our email list to see our new blog posts. As always, we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

    For a new year of connection, hope, purpose and happiness, I welcome you all to join in the great movement of healing.

In Health and Happiness,

Salvatore Gencarelle

Helpers Mentoring Society  


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